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Weed Maps

AirViz Aerial Crop Emergence Microplot Canada
Rapid Identification

Identify weed density and location in a fraction of the time of manual identification. Color-coded maps can be generated on site, immediately after landing to take quick action on weed stress.

Accurate and Precise Data

Cross-referencing weed stress with geolocation tags allows for extremely accurate identification of weed locations to reduce time in the field and increase efficiency.

Apply Chemicals with Precision

Using a color-coded map, giving exact locations of weed pressure in the field, apply chemicals to the locations that need it the most, reducing input costs.

How it Works

Step 1: Deploy AirViz Aerial Sensor

AirViz flight crew will plan, calibrate and execute flight plans to quickly and efficiently attain data by completing passes over the required test plots compiling aerial imagery and data.

Once the flight has been completed, the data is extracted and uploaded to our image processing platform to begin data processing.

Step 2: Data Processing

We compile the collected aerial imagery and georeferenced data field-side, grouping many overlapping images and creating a highly detailed, orthomosaic map that is in true scale and has georeferenced location points on the ground.

Step 3: Weed Stress Map Export

We then align georeferenced location points with the identified weeds and associated densities in order to isolate chemical input locations.
We then work with clients to import data into their machinery to address the weed stress in the field.

Quick and Easy Identification

Compared to manual, traditional weed identification methods.

Accurate and Precise Weed Stress Data

To pinpoint the issues and address them quickly.

Reduce Input Costs

By applying chemicals to the locations that need it.

Accurately Count 240 Acres of Plant Population in 1 Hour

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