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Defoliation Charting

Soybean Defoliation Rating AirViz
Determine Optimal Harvest Times

Determining the maturity of each Soybean across an entire field can be a difficult task with the naked eye.

We utilize NDVI data to unlock the ability to track and determine the maturity for the entire field.

Data Driven Defoliation Charting

We took the traditional visual charting method and created a more precise, automated process that provides a more accurate defoliation rating.

See The Process

Step 1: Conduct Aerial Surveys

AirViz flight crew will work with you to determine multiple aerial survey dates. Near Infrared imagery is captured during each flight to determine current defoliation ratings.

Step 2: Process NIR Data

In a process similar to the data collection method for overall plant health, NIR images are processed and provide overall leaf stress results.

This information is compiled into a geo-referenced map for ground truthing defolation ratings.

Step 3: Predict Optimal Harvest Time

Tracking leaf stress levels with NDVI data allows for an accurate prediction on the maturity of the entire field.

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