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Plant Health Data

Early Problem Identification with NDVI

Crops stress sooner in the Near Infrared (NIR) light spectrum than they do in the visual spectrum. NIR Plant Health Data allows for much early identification of diseases, pests, fungus and adverse conditions to make decisions before the issues become a real problem.

Fast, Noninvasive Field Scouting

Tracking through a field searching for a problem further damages healthy crops and is extremely time consuming. Instead, fly the entire field in just minutes and utilize geo-tagged NDVI maps to head straight to the problem and ground-truth the issue to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Progressive Crop Health Tracking

Capture a series of NDVI maps to track the health of crops throughout the growing season and from year to year to provide extended trial data to clients.

How It Works

Step 1: Deploy AirViz Aerial NIR Sensor

AirViz flight crew will plan, calibrate and execute flight plans to quickly and efficiently attain data by completing passes over the required test plots compiling aerial imagery and data.

Once the flight has been completed, the data is extracted and uploaded to our image processing platform to begin data processing.

Step 2: Process NIR Data

We run the collected data through our software and NDVI algorithms to provide an accurate indication of plant health.

This information is then compiled into a geo-referenced NDVI map for ground truthing potential weak spots and isolating issues.

Step 3: Taking Action on NDVI Data

Our software outputs NDVI plant health values that allows us to provide ground truthing recommendations and work with you to incorporate your NDVI data into your digital agriculture platforms to lower input costs and increase yields.

Early Crop Issue Identification

Identify issues in your plots before they are visible to the human eye allowing for early intervention.

Fast, Efficient and Noninvasive

Conduct faster, more efficient surveys for plant health data without damaging healthy crops in the process.

Professional Output Recommendations

Our Seed Research professionals will assist with data recommendations, output options and next steps.

Predict the Peak-Ripeness Window with Defoliation Mapping

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