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Yield the unparalleled power of aerial services to place yourself ahead of the competition.

Weed Maps

Accurately identify the location and density of weeds to apply chemicals with simplicity and precision.

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Plant Population Maps

Fly your entire field in minutes to attain an accurate plants-per-acre report, and replant quickly if neccessary.

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Plant Health Maps

Identify stressed areas in the field and export prescriptions to equipment, then compare plant health over time.

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Defoliation Maps

Utilize NDVI imagery to see progressive defolation, easily predicting the maturity for the entire field.

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Variable Rate Prescriptions

We understand that data is useless to a farmer unless action can be taken on it.

With variable rate prescriptions exported directly from your maps, put the action in actionable data.

Online Portal

View all data in a easy to use, online portal for simplistic management.

Take control of your farm and harness the power of Aerial Precision Agriculture.

Rapid Turnaround

Many of our services allow for data to be interpreted field-side within minutes of landing.

Attain your data and take immediate action to proactively prevent issues, saving time and money.

Why Use AirViz Aerial Services?


With years of experience in the agronomy and seed research industries, we have taken the best agronomy practices and made them better, and more accessible.


We have streamlined our services to offer our clients the data that actually matters. This allows us to have competitive pricing whilst guaranteeing the best service.


At AirViz, we understand that harnessing new data and processes can be an overwhelming task and become a detriment. As such, we've integrated our workflow into yours to keep things simple, reducing costs and increasing yields.

Reducing Costs,
Increasing Yields

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