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Elevation Data

Optimize Irrigation and Runoff Patterns

Optimize irrigation by accounting for runoff patterns determined through elevation data.

Proactive Storm Recovery Planning

Create a plan to determine the locations within the field that will be most affected in the event of a flooding or storm.

Predict Fertilizer and Soil Movement

Optimize fertilizer input by determining soil movement based on the plot topography.

Elevation Data Aquisition Process

Step 1: Deploy AirViz Aerial Sensor

Elevation data is best attained before any crop emergence in order to retrieve the full topography of the area.

AirViz flight crew will plan, calibrate and execute flight plans quickly and efficiently to attain the elevation data.

Step 2: Process Aerial Imagery Data

Utilizing the data captured on our RGB imaging sensor, we process an ortho-mosaic stitched map color coded based on elevation data (topography).

Step 3: Analyze Data and Determine Plan

Our team will work with you to analyze elevation data to determine emergency action plans, potential runoff locations, optimized irrigation patterns and more.

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