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Input Research
Data Outputs

Data Outputs Tiered To
Input Research

Plant Population Maps
Any Row Based Crop

Replace the manual stand counts that require hours of manual labour.
AirViz conducts stand counts 20x faster than traditional, manual counts.

Plant Health Maps
Any Crop

Clearly see stressed areas within plots and create georeferenced prescription maps to take data-driven action on weaker plots.

Defoliation Maps

Easily and accurately predict the maturity for the entire field by modeling crop health over time in our online portal.

Weed Maps
Any Crop

Identify weed growth on a georeferenced map and create shapefiles to use with precision spray operations helping decrease input waste further reducing input costs.

Elevation Maps
Any Crop/Field

Having elevation maps provides a drastic advantage in getting trials done right the first time, allowing time to be allocated to the value-added activities of input research.

PDF/Excel Formatted Data
All Data Outputs

Specifically for plant population maps, we have the ability to export all data to PDF/excel to align with current input research workflows and integrations.

AirViz Online Data Access

Easy to Use, Online Portal

All data, secured and simplified online for 24/7 viewing access with user logins and password protected access.

Fully Mobile Optimized

We started in the research industry and understand it involves being in the field for a majority of the season.
As such, we introduced the ability to view geo-tagged locations on your mobile device to ground truth results for accuracy and further assessments.

Live Analysis Tracking

Your aerial data is uploaded daily to monitor surveying as it happens, drastically reducing result and analysis turnaround time and giving you more time to take action.

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Increased Data Accuracy
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