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Crop Emergence

AirViz Aerial Crop Emergence Microplot Canada
Drastic Increase in Data Accuracy

Providing quality, trusted data to clients is a fundamental element of any Research Service Provider.
We have combined computer vision and A.I. to provide the highest degree of data accuracy to any operation.

Unmatchable Speed and Efficiency

We conduct Aerial Crop Emergence counts on an entire location of test plots in just minutes, with the data processed and analyzed in as little as an hour after landing.

Review Counts At Any Time

Traditional counting methods do not allow for a plot to be recounted without deploying a field team to conduct the count. AirViz counts can be reviewed at any time and checked for accuracy and other factors.

How it Works

Step 1: Deploy AirViz Aerial Sensor

AirViz flight crew will plan, calibrate and execute flight plans to quickly and efficiently attain data by completing passes over the required test plots compiling aerial imagery and data.

Once the flight has been completed, the data is extracted and uploaded to our image processing platform to begin data processing.

Step 2: Data Processing

We compile the collected aerial imagery and georeferenced data, grouping many overlapping images and creating a highly detailed, orthomosaic map that is in true scale and has georeferenced location points on the ground.

Step 3: Data Analysis

We then align our georeferenced location points with your planting and labelling process in order to isolate plot and row numbers (red lines).
We then conduct a highly accurate crop emergence analysis by row within each plot (yellow circles).

Collect Data 20x Faster

Compared to manual, traditional stand count methods.

Give Clients Better Data

Monumental increases in data accuracy and the amount of data provided.

Review Data at Anytime

Our online portal allows secure access to your data, anytime, anywhere.

Using Crop Emergence Data with Plant Health Results

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